Sacrality and the Greek Polis


Citizenship regimes in ancient Greece

Tuesday, April 13 16.00 Josine Blok The explosive growth of studies of citizenship in ancient Greece of the past twenty, thirty years has given us a wealth of new evidence and exciting viewpoints. But the results are also quite bewildering – the variety of civic practices in ancient Greece and of the academic approaches to…

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Block by Block: Piecing Together Athenian Democracy

Sacrality and The Greek Polis invites you to join an online guest lecture hosted by Utrecht University on January 27th 16:00-17:30 CET. Utrecht has asked Dr. Jessica Paga (College of William & Mary) to speak about her newest book release titled, Building Democracy in Late Archaic Athens. Jessica’s lecture will discuss monumental structures and their…

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HIERON fall meeting

Start date and time 28 October 2020 – 09:00 End date and time 28 October 2020 – 12:45 Location Online via Zoom HIERON, the International Network for the Study of Ancient Greek Sanctuaries, invites you cordially to join the fall meeting work in progress. Programme 9.00-9.10 Introduction 9.10-9.30 Hedda von Ehrenheim, Patrik Klingborg & Axel Frejman (UpsU), Ritual…

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Does the Parthenon have the wrong name?

“I knew that scholars didn’t really understand why it’s called the Parthenon,” says Van Rookhuijzen, “so I started looking into a giant puzzle of ancient texts, inscriptions, and archaeological remains.” His surprising, perhaps even heretical, theory suggests that “Parthenon” may not have originally referred to the structure we know today—which is sometimes called the Great…

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New Publication: Empires of the Sea

Empires of the Sea brings together studies of maritime empires from the Bronze Age to the Eighteenth Century. The volume aims to establish maritime empires as a category for the (comparative) study of premodern empires, and from a partly ‘non-western’ perspective. The book includes contributions on Mycenaean sea power, Classical Athens, the ancient Thebans, Ptolemaic Egypt,…

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