Sacrality and the Greek Polis


Floris van den Eijnde

Dr. Floris van den Eijnde
Project leader
Telephone: +31 (0) 253 2174
Floris van den Eijnde is director of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies and lecturer in Greek History at the department of History and Art History of Utrecht University. He is interested in religious and cultural integration and interaction in the premodern Mediterranean world with a special focus on the Archaic and Classical Greek World. As of 2019, Floris van den Eijnde leads the UU research group Sacrality and the Greek Polis (SGP). He is founder and co-director of the national (OIKOS) research group Cultural Interactions in the Ancient World (CIAW) and editor-in-chief of the academic book series Cultural Interactions in the Mediterranean (CIM, Brill, Leiden).

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